April 19th @ 6; PM                   Chapter Social, El Rancho In Montesano


April 21th @ 10 AM:                 Spring Tune-Up practice and ride 10 AM at Beacon School. Ride afterwards on Curvy roads!!


April 28th @ 10 AM:                 Maintenance Day at the McCullough’s starting at 10 AM.  BBQ for lunch.  The Goodwin’s are going to

                                                  be at this event so it will likely this will be one of the last Chapter events they are able to attend

                                                  although they say they will be over for the Duck Hunt.  So, come by and say farewell.


April 29th:                                 Chapter N’s (Spokane)  Brown Bag Auction


May 5th:                                   Chapter M’s Fun Run in Toppenish.


May 11th:                                 Chapter B’s Mall Show.  Good place to show off your Bike or look at others.  If yours is for sale,

                                               its good place to sell it.


May 10th:                                 Chapter Planning meeting at the Granahan’s at 6:30 PM. 


May 12th:                                 BC-D’s Memorial Ride and Ice Cream Run.  The Bash’s and Granahan’s are attending . 

                                               We are leaving the 11th and planning on coming home on the 12th.


May 13th:                                 Mother’s Day and no Gathering!!!!


May 17th – 24th:                       The Idaho Ride!!!    Dinner at the Wolf Creek Lodge at 7 PM on the 17th.  More from Mike H. later.


May 25th -27th:                         Hoot in the Ute, Midway, Utah


May 25th – 28th                       Chapter L’s Spring Fling in Kennewick.


May 31st:                                 Chapter D Planning meeting at the Granahan’s


June 8th, 6 PM:                         Set up for Duck Hunt, 6 PM at the Beacon School, the Chapter will buy dinner!


June 9th, 7:30 AM:                   Get ready for the Duck Hunt,  doors open at 8 AM


June 10th, 1 PM:           No Gathering!!!   Bash BBQ at 1 PM!!!


June 21st, 6 PM                       Chapter Social, TBA


June 22nd – 23rd:                       Chapter R’s Blue Mountain Run & Camp Out.



Weekly Events..........

Chapter D Calendar

April Hosts

Greg & Kerry Bash

If you have any question regarding the above events contact:

Kerry Bash at 360-581-5540‬ (kerrybash_786@hotmail.com) or

Erv Granahan at 360-249-3463 (ervg@comcast.net)